What is "always update source pose" and when would I use it?

In a animation slot node there is a single option called “always update source pose”. It’s disabled by default. I don’t know what it does, or where it could be useful.
I enabled it just to see if there was a difference and I didn’t notice anything when playing montages.
Why would I want to update a source pose, that is of course not used at the moment since a montage slot animation has taken over? Am I misunderstanding its use?

Sorry for the thread bump, but I wasn’t finding any documentation for this.

What I’m seeing is: with “always update source pose” unchecked, if you have the slot after a state machine, once the slot finishes playing a montage, the state machine restarts at its “Entry” state.

If it’s checked, the state machine will continue where it left off once the montage finishes (I’m guessing it keeps updating during the montage playback.)

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Thank you for this explanation, It helped me a lot. :sweat_smile:

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