What is "accessible none"?

Hi AttemptD,

This is usually a variable pointing to a blueprint or other object that can’t find its target. Check your variables in the blueprint and see if they are actually pointing to anything.

Sometimes I get an error code after exiting the game and it says “accessible none” and then points at a node…sometimes the construction script…or sometimes things that aren’t event plugged in…

What does that mean and why is it happening??

THANKS!!! :slight_smile:

What exactly do you mean by pointing??

Can anyone tell me other reasons these things cone up?? I’m getting a ton of errors that say one of my nodes and accessible none…but nothings wrong …and if I deleted the node and put it back it then says that another node is the problem…

It’s been a a while so I figured I’d ask once more. We’re getting accessible none errors regularly. They seem to be for no reason at all. If we unplug the node and plug it back in it goes away and picks another node to say there’s an error. Although…none of the errors are affecting the game negatively…but still…

If anyone can tell me anything please.

Thank you.

I means empty object varable, whatever it is class varable or argument variable. Obviuesly you cant make calls from nothing thats why you got errors, but some funtions can accept and handle none, so none is generly harmless thing, it just inform state of things

Ok that’s makes me feel a little better. Thanks. :slight_smile: