What is a Manifest file?

I can find no documentation explaining what Manifest files are, does any exist?

I am going to assume you are talking about Android development … because a manifest is most commonly found int hat development.

If my assumption is correct, then a simple Google search would have returned you some information: App Manifest - Android

I trust this information is sufficient and that my assumptions are correct. If not, please enlighten us with some more information regarding your post as the information supplied is rather lacking in content. Thanks.

Your assumption is not correct, every product I have bought from the Marketplace comprises a Data Folder and a Manifest. The Data Folder contains the actual assets but the Manifest is a mystery.

You should tell which sort of manifest file you mean. There are the ones configuring how Windows finds DLL’s, which DLL versions are considered compatible, etc pp. Then there’s Androids manifest files as above, and I quite sure there are lots of other files called Manifest files that either configure something or enlist files for exclusion, inclusion, whoknowswhatnotelse.

The Manifest that is part of every Marketplace Asset:

How could I not see that you actually said that in the answer before I ask you to tell what you mean. Im sorry.

Of course only a UE dev can tell for sure but Id assume a compressed file containing version, description, logo and or file checksums.

Maybe a Dev would be kind enough to answer, the Mods obviously have no clue.

@dinker99: I am going to ignore your comment because you seem to think that the mods have some magic knowledge of the engine that everyone else doesn’t … when in fact we are volunteers who are tasked with “moderating” the forums and helping out where we can.

So what I did was do a search on Google and I found a few entries on AnswerHub … although they don’t give you a definitive answer … they at least do shed some light on what the manifest file is.

Manifest File Required

I don’t know why you need to know what the manifest file is so badly … because your original request was not clear and you have been borderline aggressive and borderline insulting other members (all the mods in fact).

In light of that … if you would like to clear up why you want to know what the manifest file is … then maybe we can try find someone to help you. In the meantime please familiarise yourself with the forum rules.

Thank you and have a nice day.

The lack of documentation leads me to believe that Manifests are a secret, proprietary format. Unfortunately my client finds this unacceptable and has decided to switch to Unity.

The manifest files you are referring to are only used for distribution by the launcher.

They are only used by the launcher to help download the content and repair any corruptions during download. The launcher needs the manifest file for a piece of content to recognize what the content is. So removing the manifest will likely make the launcher think the item was never installed.

The manifests are never copied into your project, but are instead included next to what is effectively a “holding tank” of files the launcher clones from when asked to install a piece of content into a specific project/engine.

If you are prepping content for the UE marketplace you don’t need to worry about the manifest file as we’ll add one when we prep your content for distribution.

I hope that clears some things up.

I think that the guy was worried that for example the manifest would contain personal information such as computer hashes that could help identify the owner of the file in case of the file is distributed on the internet for example.
I think it is fair to ask if this manifest includes personal information or computer hashes for tracking purpose. Otherwise then why encrypting it. You guys are smart, no need to hide it, if it is the case, giving this information will scare people who want to share their purchased file.