What is a good workflow to create proper maps for anisotropic materials?

So in 4.26, Anisotropy is properly supported by default. I decided to take a look at it but am unsure on what to do in terms of texture creation. I did give it a shot, but it does not seem right at all. in the tech blog (link 1 below) there are a few screenshot examples of how to do the anisotropy, but the textures i have are different than the ones in the Blog.

Substance painter does have anisotropy in their map exports, but do not produce the same results as the one in the relevant screenshot on the blog. I did find an angle converter (link 2 below) that looks like one of the maps in the examples but it doesn’t look quite like it. the tech blog has more yellow in it as far as I can tell. The other texture in the tech blog, the normal map, also does not look like a typical normal map, there is no red whatsoever, just blue and what i think is Cyan, which would include the blue and green channels, also unsure on the creation of this map?

I haven’t been able to find such info on said topic yet and any insight/examples/workflows/links into creating the proper maps would really help, and greatly appreciated!

Link 1 - Improved shading models in Unreal Engine 4.25 and beyond - Unreal Engine

Link 2 - Anisotropy Conversion Generator for Substance Painter

Thank you for any sort of help on this!