What is a Good Way to Learn UE4 as a Filmmaker, Not a Game Designer?

I am a filmmaker. I am not a game designer. I like games. I play games, occasionally. That’s a lie. I play as often as I can. But I have no interest in learning UE4 for game development. I am only interested in learning UE4 as it applies to making films. So, as I Google or search YouTube for tutorials, most of what I find is “how to learn UE4 for game design/dev” vs. filmmaking.

My question then is this. Should I watch the same tutorials as game designers and then take from those tutorials what applies to filmmaking? Are there specific tutorials I should watch? Will anyone recommend a path?

I am a self-taught, professional artist. I do not possess University training in what I do, so my time as a teacher is very important to me. I wish not to waste it on bad tutorials or walking down the wrong path. That’s all. Thanks for understanding.

And thank you in advance. :smiley:

Look into “Unreal Engine Cinematic” tutorials. Like this: UE4 Cinematic Tutorial - How to Make Professional Cinematic Cutscenes in Sequencer, Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube . You also may want to look into “Unreal Engine World Building”, “Unreal Engine Particles” and “Unreal Engine Materials”. You are going to need something to record/render after all. It’s good if you have some experience with a 3d modeling program like cinema 4d, 3dsmax, Maya etc. as well.

You won’t need much blueprint programming if you are using unreal for film.


Thank you for your reply, and the tips and links you’ve provided. And yes, I have experience in both Maya and lately Blender, so very well versed in the world of building 3D models, texturing, lighting, cameras, rendering, etc. And it appears that the sequencer looks very much like Premiere Pro - to me - so, I think it should be a lot of fun!. Thanks again. :cool:

Hi @secret3dman

Start Here --> Film & Television - Unreal Engine

Movies and Games go hand-in-hand. One is interactive, the other is Not. Future Films will be both.

Good Luck to you.