What is a good appoach to making UIs for Oculus Rift?

What are good appoachs to make UIs with Oculus Rift?

A TextRenderer can work, but how to make them always visible over the 3D world rendering?
The GUI that UE4 brings as default works well with OR or it will be shown only in one eyes?

Hi ,

Right now there is a limitation with the rendering where HUDs and UMG (along with a few other effects) only appear in the left eye. For now I would suggest using meshes with images and text components that float near the player for the least eye-straining method of creating VR UI.

Here is one example of a 3D UI:

Once we have the right eye issue fixed, then I would say that using UMG would also be a good method, though a bit flat.

I would also suggest Coherent UI, it’s a great tool for VR!