What is a fair price?

Hello there!

This may not be an acceptable thread, so I apologize if I am violating any rules, but I have a question for the community. I am working on a very small, independent, single-player game. I have surface knowledge of most aspects in Unreal, but little depth in any specific one. I am happy to do the work myself but a team would help me press forward, so here’s the question: What is a fair wage for help? I have limited resources, but I feel strongly that if anyone works with me, they should be compensated. Should I pay for a feature or art to be created (a sort of commission) or should I pay bi-monthly for steady work? I understand that different areas (artists vs programmers) have different expectations, but I have zero knowledge on where to start. What would you think is acceptable given that this is essentially a small project with little expected earnings on release?

It would depend on the individual artist/programmer as for payment timeframe/amount.

I can’t tell you what a fair price is without more details. A lot depends on the scope of work.

For programmers, I’ve seen some charge as low as $8/hr and as high as $50/hr (USD).
For artists, I’ve seen them charge $300+ for a game character, up to $800/1k.

Obviously quality varies, as does value for money. So this is why it depends on your scope, and the individual.