What intensity value do you use for sun?

Hi, All Unreal Engine Users.

What intensity value do you use for Sun in your scene?

  1. Sun with real-life intensity = 120,000 LUX

  2. Sun with extremely low intensity = 20 LUX

Based on the above values, What are the pros and cons?

Whatever artistically looks correct, but usually engine default.

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Maybe add if with dynamic or baked at least…
For dynamic engine default is probably OK some of the time.

For realistic stuff you end up using an ambient cube map about 90% of the time, so the light is defined by the map, really.

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Hey friend,
It depends on your scene but if you are looking for more information on lighting outdoors or how it affects indoor lighting see the documentation and the many tutorials. This link below talks about the units of lighting. But I found the most lighting info in the tutorials on architectural and film lighting.
Physical Lighting Units | Unreal Engine Documentation

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