What Install creation software do you use?

Hey all!

Just trying to figure out what the best install file creation software is so I thought I’d ask what everyone is using. I’ve tried InnoSetup, NSIS, InstallForge and Click Team’s Install Creator. Inno was the only one that seems to be able to handle files larger than 2gigs though it splits them into separate bin files which I wasn’t a fan of. I was hoping to have a single exe file that included everything. Also the installer dropped out my two root folders so the installation didn’t work.
NSIS was really complicated to use but also choked on the file size.

There has to be some install creation software that doesn’t cost $5,000 (Installer Vise and Install Shield) but actually just keeps all the files in a single exe.

I’ve used NSIS just fine, there’s a Quick Script Generator you can use to get you started, but I also customize some of the script options afterward.