What implies developing a mobile app for a customer?

Hello, let’s say I develop in Unreal for a customer a pedometer app.
Let’s say I sell it for 2.000$. Do I have to pay something to Epic?

Does my customer have to present audits to Epic? Pay to Epic from profits?
I hope it is not, because no customer would accept this :D.


If you develop an app for a client as a contractor then you would not pay royalties for that. The client would have to pay royalties if they are selling an app that uses UE4. In terms of whether a client would accept that option–the Apple/Google app stores take 30% themselves, so the 5% that Epic takes is not that much. If the client expects that the app will sell a lot, then they can contact Epic for custom licensing options to play an upfront fee rather than royalties.
If the app is free, then using UE4 costs nothing.

So for a customer (for who is totally irrelevant the engine used to develop his app as long as quality/specs are met):
A pedometer app done in UE4 means to pay royalties and possible audits on his app sales to someone called Epic.
A pedometer app done in Unity means no royalties and no constraints at all.

What will pick the customer?

It costs more in development to use Unity due to the need of paying for Unity licenses, and it also depends on what your needs are to create an app. For a pedometer app, you probably don’t need either since the main advantages of both engines are the 3D graphics.