what I'm reading you are limited to 1GB of RAM

From what I’m reading you are limited to 1GB of RAM (and also limited CPU and GPU power) and restricted to UWP Apps. So yeah … not really that great.
Probably nice for App Developers or smaller games, so it’s a start.

wut? And where are you reading that?

Here is MSDN source:

I guess it’s going to be increased soon - 90% of the games can’t run lol

That’s… hilarious. At the same time, I’m also mildly impressed. I played quite a bit of the Forza 6 Apex Beta, and never dipped below 60 fps at 4k on a single 980ti. If that was also with just 1GB of RAM, then I’m starting to feel a bit more optimistic towards Microsoft making PC games again. Still, I would like to see that bumped up to like, 8GB. Might fix some of the problems the other windows store games seem to be having.

Microsoft’s own games aren’t beholden to the same limitations that they force on everyone else. The recommended spec for Forza 6 Apex is 12/16GB of memory.

Yes, it is the definition of hypocrisy.

Wow. I fail to see any benefit in that. The store already has an Apple-like ecosystem, so what’s the benefit of limiting what your developer can do if you can just remove the app from the store anyways? To me it seems less like hypocrisy and more just lack of trust in developers.

Still, most games I play can’t get 4K 60fps using a standard application file. Getting a UWP App running that well is somewhat impressive. At the very least, it’s the only DX12 game that runs well on Nvidia cards. So that’s something.

I have a hunch that those games aren’t actually ‘proper’ UWP applications, which is one of the reasons they actually work (unlike a few high profile Windows Store PC failures).

Urm, those restrictions are specifically for developing UWP applications for Xbox One.

They obviously don’t apply to regular Xbox One games, and I assume, UWP apps for Windows.

Salutations keilyang777,

Keep in mind that those limitations are for UWP apps, if those requirements are too strict for the project you are working on you can always take advantage of UE4’s great win32 support for the Windows platform and their native xbox support for the xbox one. These come with far less restrictions, however if you are not using UWP you will need to request a dev kit from Microsoft in order to build for Xbox.