What if someone buy your asset and sell it to unity?

Ex : i make asset. The i sell to UE market.

someone buy my asset, then sell it in unity without my knowing.and make little change.

how i could track people who steal my asset ?

You have to track that yourself most likely, if such thing happens. You will have to report the issue to Unity and they’ll likely ban the person if you provide enough proof. Best way to avoid it is to release your asset on both stores though.

omg what a shame ! Unity will ban this guy for real i think ^^

no, sometime cross my mind that someone could do that.

i kinda dislike that if that happend.

I’m pretty sure we all kind of dislike the possibility that people can (illegally) redistribute our assets, or even worse, sell them (on another asset store!). I’m afraid there isn’t really some automatic thing we can use against this, but sometimes our customers notify us of infringing works (I’ve not had experience with, but have seen others pointing it out to other sellers), and then we can report them/issue a DMCA take down request.

Don’t let this demotivate you from becoming a seller though! This is just something (nearly) every single piece of digital content will have, and the only thing you can really do against it is keep your eyes open and ask the site/store to take the infringing works down if you have proof it’s your own asset.

Anyway, hope I’ve expanded on what others have (already) said. and good luck creating/selling assets if you do decide to sell assets (on the Unreal Engine marketplace)!

I sell both. But i sell on unreal more.

mostbof my asset require unreal engine featue.

idk why people using unity.

I would ask OP for stoping opening threads in a public space putting questions which should be asked to the Marketplace Team or discussed inside Creators Hub.