What if i'v made an erotic game and want to post it in the "Released Projects" forum?

The rules says:

So it is not possible to post it there?
It includes sex.

I guess you have to wait for Epics Feedback… But I wouldn’t post it.
There are teens (Like me) on this forum. And some people would not like to see that.
I would actually try something not Sex related? But that’s just my opinion on the latter.

Another forum might be best. Underage persons can see violence, there is no law against it, but it is technically unlawful for minors to see sexually explicit material in the States. It’s seldom enforced, but I don’t see Epic doing anything but washing their hands of it, to be honest. I can’t speak on their behalf, but my best guess is that they’d say something like, “We’re stoked you’re using the engine, but we’d prefer to showcase other material.”

Please don’t post that content here as it will be removed and you will be possibly be given a warning and/or an infraction.

Also make sure you are not breaking the EULA by using any Epic or Unreal Engine trademarks in your game due its adult nature and content.

ooo an infraction, what a terrible threat…
do not **** off the epic overlords, much like the nexus, you might get an infraction and be banned.

what’s with the hostility?, seems very unnecessary.

Hey OculusHentai

Occasionally a little drama can be good in a serious and professional forum
Can be even funnier than in a comedy-oriented forum like a X-Chan.


You can send it to me :smiley:
Ill preview it for you :cool:

Hey there,

Just to be clear, do not post sexual content on our forums. These forums are home to people of all ages and we would not like to expose any young developers to inappropriate content.

If you have any questions, let me know :slight_smile:

Most game engine providers won’t allow you to use their tech to develop adult content;
I’ve seen a bunch of Unity devs also drop Unity after they veted any usage of their tech in slot machines as well (there was a trend of devs running Unity on those gambling machines); now instead of saying ‘no’, Unity says “we want a piece of the monies”. Btw, many doesn’t even ask, they use Unity and to the hell with it.

Just to be sure - you can’t post such things on forums due to age restrictions on forums, but you’re free to develop adult games.

From looking at your username, have you made some hentai occulus rift game?

Have you put it up on another site I could do with a laugh?

I’m not mocking it by the way as it’s hard (no pun intended) to make an opinion on something I’ve not seen.

Yes, to make it as clear as possible, you can make adult games with UE4, but cannot post erotic images on our forums. Any titles that are over M may be asked to remove the UE4 logo from their game, but other than that there are no restrictions on how “adult” it can be. Just please keep it off of the forums here.

Edit: And also do not link to 18+ sites either.

So you can’t post about your game even if you specify it’s NSFW or even if you don’t post any adult content from it just regular material? Not so long ago i saw on this forums a topic about a game called “Alone with h*rny aliens” (something like that) and saw even epic staff talking on it :stuck_out_tongue:
Things have changed since then looks like xD

With this whole thread, this comes to my mind :smiley:


Actually, only our mods responded to that thread to let the user know it was being shut down, then I shut it down.

I dare not make joke about FF :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s time for OculusHentai posting your post of number two


Do we not even get to know what it’s called so we can get it elsewhere?

I’m really lonely man I’d love to give it a go. Getting bored of dead or alive volleyball it’s just not doing it for me anymore.

I have never seen such Terms of Use. Would be interested in seeing all of these clauses in writing. I don’t see a problem with developing Adult Game Products with the tech, just an issue with posting such Game Products in a G rated forum. I’ve considered using UE4 to develop my Adult-suggestive Mecha Combat Game. There is no laws against developing Video Slots Machines, only laws to regulate the exchange of money for games-of-chance.