What if game engines were cars?

Hi all,

I wrote this article comparing Unreal, Unity and Cryengine. Enjoy!

haha poor unity :slight_smile:

Thanks man))

This is good, wondering if you’d be so kind as to point me in the right direction I cerrently have the latest model UE4 but I constantly have the bonnet (hood) up and it spends more time in the garage than out on the Road. taking it on a long journey would probably bankrupt me. I also feel trapped in a ****** finance deal with an extremely limited warranty that I feel was miss sold. It has no breakdown cover, I have to rely on members of the owners club to give me a push. What I’m looking for is an engine that will get me where I need to be and on time. It would have to be auto as I can’t drive stick, metallic paint would be nice but not essential. Your thoughts and advice would be much appreciated

Alan you hit the nail on the head there, that’s the trouble with these exotic experimental things.
“it spends more time in the garage than out on the Road” is a perfect description. over a year of working with it and all i have to show is a huge list of unusable broken/buggy features that puts a dead end to actually making a game with it.
having tested most of the available engines in recent months all i can say is ue4’s pricing has anyone without substantial capital to invest pretty much cornered.
Unity (free) is the only real alternative but it just looks so bad, unless you want to make something that resembles an original playstation game you are out of luck.

these people ‘in love’ with ue4, apart from the stunning graphics quality i cant see why at all, maybe that’s all people want.

@ imaginauteur
pretty good comparisons but you forgot to mention how temperamental a super car can be.
and that its the heaviest car on the planet that refuses to run on all but the most recent and most expensive roads.

Because extending editor and adding new functionality is very easy.
And iterating over gameplay is even easier.

And most of all. I don’t have any problems using it.

I don’t know how would use anything else. Especially unity. I couldn’t really do anything in Unity, it’s workflow for me just… Well suffice to say I didn’t really understand why would do things they way they are done in unity.

This is pretty accurate, you did choose an incredibly ugly car for UE though.

Because i’ve been able to do what i have been doing so far with no programming background. I am normally more interested in visual side of things but sometimes i get drifted in blueprints so much that i dont care about visuals at all. And if i can do those things there is no limit to what someone with proper programming knowledge can do(like Rama the Awesome.) Also the source code access, which is pretty much useless for me directly, but indirectly the community makes use of it and eventually the engine i use gets more improvements every day.

Also i dont agree with running on the most expensive roads…i’ve been using the editor on a gtx 460 since Beta without an issue that prevented me from working.

yes source access is pretty awesome i agree
im not all that interested in the visual side of things, i like to deal with actual gameplay more.
also im not a fan of blueprints, i have hit so many brick walls trying to do almost anything that my game plan has changed to more or less what the engine will allow in its current state. i dont like having to ‘hack’ at the source to accomplish something non fps related. i know people have made and are making other types of games before anyone starts.
its taking so long to do anything interesting with ue4, i wish there was another choice but there simply isnt at this moment in time.
the community is awesome, the developers are awesome, the price is awesome, the engine… well we will agree to disagree on that one, last thing i want is to start a battle.

i was more talking about mobile performance for the most expensive roads but it also applies to pc’s. it has to be very modern and it has to be reasonably powerful to get anywhere near decent framerate or even to run at all.
btw your ‘old’ graphics card costs half the price of most peoples entire computer.

that car looks ace

Butt-hurt from CryEngine… I can attest to that.

Hoping for the day they change the seats.