what if bought marketplace content isnt developed any further and the author refuses to call back

Hi guys,

i am in a very frustrating situation right now.
i bought a marketplace plugin pack for my game.
now that the unreal engine hase come to 4.15 i need the author tp update his pack to u.15.

i mailed him, i wrote on the the forum page and i wrote on the marketplacep page … i didnt get any reply. i waited for two weeks, but still nothing

its not ususal content that you can migrate from one engine version to the next. its a plugin, that has to be taken to ue 4.15 by the developer himself.

how is this beeing handled ?
when you buy a pack, do you buy it as it is, or do you buy it with further support ?

what can i do right now ?

the plugin is hindering me from converting my project to 4.15… and the author isnt answering my calls …

kind regards

Don’t buy plugins that have no source code files;
If the author dies, or whatever, you can at least try to update the code yourself.

Before buying, verify how active is the author towards the community; If author is practically absent from participating with the Unreal community, just interested in selling his stuff and nothing more, the chances that the tool will be abandoned in the near future are very high because these people usually run away quickly after realizing their assets aren’t selling as expected.

Openness was reason one why i planned my long future years to learn Unreal Engine 4 only. If in far future there will be need for plugins then i only buy open code based plugins or closed plugins that has guaranteed support even if there will be UE 4.210.1

Exactly, completely agree with what BrUnO said.

Doesnt Epic require marketplace content creators to update to a new version within 10 working days or face being removed? It comes under the sections of professionalism and is part of Epics quality assurance. Id definitely be contacting the marketplace people at Epic directly on the matter :cool:

Some people just doesn’t care;
Also, the asset being removed, will not solve buyer’s problems. It will simply confirm that the asset is officially dead.

hi guys,
thx for your opinions on this !!
i will have to check if the project has open code, but i guess not …
i think i will contact epic about this and see if they can get an answer from the developer…
maybe if the pack is officially dead i can get a refund ? but i would prefer the plugin getting updated …

kind regards

Yes you can get a refund even right now.

<_< its GDC-Time, the developer might be on the other side of the country for a week or so.

Additionally, OP could have send an email to the marketplace team asking whats up as well.
but since nobody has done that so far, ill forward it to them.
Granted, at least one of them is in fact at GDC atm so it might take a bit of time.

It’s a 30-day notice, but there are multiple packs, even those who released half a year ago that are still not on 4.14 and that’s sad as we as Marketplace sellers get pushed to update quickly but seems tolerabele for other packs. Maybe it’s not tolerable but rather that the pack never gets reported, in any way @Author of the post, if after the 30 days the pack is still not 4.15 i’d say encourage the marketplace to take actions.

thx again for your helpfull answers !!
i will wait the 30 days, write another e-mail to the developer and if this doesnt take me anywhere, i will contact epic about it

kind regards

Hey Stucki!

When did you purchase the package? If you bought it the day you created this thread, and are looking for a refund now is the time - not 30 days from now. Refunds fall within 10 calendar days of a purchase. Epic will reach out to the seller and figure out what’s going on. (To determine if it’s a case of abandoning assets, or perhaps they’re stuck on something when it comes to updating a plugin to 4.15 compatibility). If the former, then you will likely receive a refund were you to have purchased the product in the 10 day window. If the latter, then you wouldn’t be granted a refund as the developer is working to get it compatible and could be running into some issue. Keep in mind we are still in the 30 day period that the marketplace requires sellers to mark compatibility.

As a customer myself, if I were to make a large purchase on the marketplace I would check the authors activity on the forums/product page as others mentioned - and also send them an email inquiring about their product to gauge their response time and whether or not they’ll be there to answer if I have questions.

And just in general, if you notice a product hasn’t been updated to the latest version as the terms require and we are past the 30 day window of an engine release, fire off a message at to inform them so they can check out what’s going on.

Yeah thats true but theres not much anyone can do about that in regards to any store so its not just limited to this one. Epic do have alot to deal with in this regard so I hope the marketplace doesnt degrade in quality as more people work out they can take advantage.

Yeah it does seem odd Epic arnt checking in on this themselves since they are the ones who laid out that rules. I did think the 10 days seemed abit short but if its 40 days all up thats not quite as bad so its nice to have that bit of information :slight_smile: Obviously for code plugins its always going to be problematic since it does have to be recompiled for each version, Id actually even encourage Epic to get some sort of license that requires submitting the code to them directly so they can update if the author didnt agree to open source.

I agree with what others have said here about purchasing packs with the source code available, Id prefer Epic to preference those too in regards to plugins. Certainly look for a refund if you arnt happy with the product :cool:

thx again for your opinion to this Se_JonF and MonsOlympus. !
very welcome

If it is a plugin new engine version can brake it and it can take a while for the author to fix it. For example 4.15 broke my plugin completely and it took me 2 full days to find what’s wrong. If that is the case he can always post about it in his forum thread.

i would totally understand if this is the problem.
what makes me angry about it is that the developer is simply not answering to me. wether to my two mails, wether on his forum thread, weather on the marketplace page.
i dont have any understanding for this. would have been no work to make a simple post to inform the customers.
right now i think, he is abandoning the pack …


Hi there,

Our marketplace team makes sure to follow up with content that is no longer getting updated. If you are having a problem with a specific pack/author, please let us know so we can fix the situation.


Hey stucki,

We do require updates within 30 days of a new engine release and require our content creators to support their developed assets. If you could, please send us a message to with the specifics of what pack you have purchased, and what is occurring so we can assist you further.


hi guys, thx for getting back on this.
i wrote another e-mail to the author of the pack and this time he answered with a two line mail today, saying he has to much to do right now and he will work on it as fast as he can…
i asked him back why he didnt get back to my first e-mails and forum threads … and what i have to excpect from “as fast as he can” but i got no mail back right now …
so i think i will wait some more days and see if he will react again.
if not i will contact the marketplace-support.
kind regards

Why buy open source plug-ins at all?