What I need to become game developer

Hi guys,

I have sample questions, what do I need to become game developer?

Time & Commitment/Dedication.

A bottle of scotch and a .45

Infinite amounts of patience…

Overall, it might be useful / interesting to hold a POLL here.
But in general, if you’re inclined to agree with the idea that:

Achievement (at anything) = time invested * natural ability

Then its better to set aside lots of time and have low expectations. Basically in a winner-takes-all world:
Being a successful Indie game dev is harder than being a Musician / Filmmaker, which is already hard.
Being employed as a game dev often means lower pay than an Ad-slinging career, plus there’s crunch.

Being good at math isn’t essential as there are ways to cheat. But being good obviously offers an edge.
If investing time (plus money too), is the same as having ‘patience’, then Patience. Otherwise resilience…
Overall, just find ways to enjoy the work and remember to have fun. Seems obvious, but many give up…