what i need for publish my game ?

hi i have problem when i use ue4 for android
i can not package game for android .
this is a image of my android sdk . have it problem ?

cant everybody help me ?

you need to follow that help unreal gives you, step by step. If you just installed android SDK you probably missed some modules unreal requires.

Either find yourself what is missing (compare that unreal tut about android to whay you done and what not), or uninstall current android SDK and follow that tut from unreal step by step.

I am more lazy than you and i will not check if you did or not every step in that howto.

i install all of ue4 need -> android sdk , jdk , apache

I unistall android sdk and all installed and try to install but i have issue yet
Why i can nottttttttttttttt???

Are you following the directions on the wiki page?:

After that try restarting your computer.

Hi Orache, I am a newbie for UE4+android too, and I followed instructions from the Wiki documentation that @minderaser is suggesting you and is working perfectly for me. I never needed to install nothing more more than wiki doc says.

Exactly, I reinstalled mine yesterday, and because it was not clean uninstall i had some trouble installing but it works.
Check if you have dev mode enabled on your android device, if windows recognizes it as device, and if you have all sdk modules installed.
Or just follow instructions, do not click next, but read each step what it wants, clicking next all time you may skip some error messages.

But future game devs should know all that and more.