What I hate the most about internet "experts" and "help forums"

I don’t know about you but for years I have been simmering with this latent hatred for a certain group of people. You find them all over the internet in forums, help systems (particularly stack overflow ) and everywhere else where desperate users go who ran into a problem that they need immediate help with. It goes something like this:

  • You run into a problem that needs solving NOW!
  • You bring up duckduckgo and start searching with various terms
  • HEUREKA!!! There is an entry in forum X where somebody has the exact same problem! Maybe there is a solution for it!!!
  • You read the question. Yep, that’s my problem indeed and there are answers!!! I am saved!
  • You read the answer and in 75% of the cases you be presented with one of two followups:

A) Some wise guy wrote: “Why would you want to do this in the first place?”
B) The original poster wrote: “Never mind guys, I found a solution!”

And you are left with the wish to smash your keyboard into your screen…

Frustrating, but it happens to me all the time :frowning:

True - answering with a “why do this?” must be followed up with “do this instead: …”, or a practical example on why it’s not a good thing, but how it would work if you got it working that way.
You also have the people that enjoy being a besserwisser, but not really helping/participating to anything useful.

At some points you do however get questions that really reflects a lack of research before asking it (questions that are clearly explained in an Epic tutorial or the API docs).
However, that can be unfair, as it might just happen to have slipped by you anyhow.

Joining a Discord channel or IRC chatroom for small one-liners works well.

Forums used to offer Search by ‘minimum number of replies’…

It helped cut down on a lot of ‘junk’, like in your examples etc…

Sadly, Epic axed this as a forum feature in the last upgrade!:eek:

Yeah nothing like someone in a similar situation who has found a solution but doesn’t share haha. I’ve come across my fair share of those when looking for answers. =P

It’s a legitimate question. You need to know why someone wants to do something before you can realistically propose an alternative.

Yeah, I agree on the second one. Google links you to similar problems, and then you only find out that the original poster has found the solution.

I have taken a custom to answer to such topics if I find an answer and share it with others. To my surprise, I have actually been answered after that “why do you sill post in this topic, this is 2 years old already”. Well, it doesnt matter if the topic is 2 days old or 20 years old, if people google about an issue, its good that they find an answer to their questions, isnt it?

Internet forums topics are not just private Ask and Tell to the Original Poster, but something for all.