What header do i have to include?

Hey there,

I started doing my projects in c++ so excuse me if there is an obvious answer to my question.
I´ve read some answers to similar questions and i figured out that since quite a few versions the engine no longer
includes every header to minimize the amount of time compiling.
I try to stick to this great idea but, especially as a beginner in c++, i get stucked almost every time i try to use any U…x…Components because of missing header files.
This could be easily resolved by adding the engine.h but doesn´t follow the idea of minimize the compiling time.

finally to my question:

Is there any place where i can look for names of header files that needs to be included if i use diverse components?

e.g. if i want to use the USpringArmComponent what header file do i have to include? (Just an example)

I tried to figure this out through the UE4 API Reference without useable results.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Totally self resolved by scrolling to the complete bottom of the API Reference page…