What happens to your collision on a destructible mesh?

If you have an object like a large rock set as a destructible and you drop it on the ground and it fractures apart.
What happens to the collision of that rock? Does it divide into fractured pieces and does it match up with each individual
chunk of rock?

It should match up. I haven’t messed with it too much but UE3 allowed each chunk to do damage if it hit your character (assuming you did the set up for that).

That depends. A single convex hull will be generated for each chunk. This may not always be a tightly bound collision hull. This also cannot be adjusted at the moment either. You can view the collision of your fracture in game by bringing up the console window amd entering PXVIS Collision

O.k. thanks Tim.

Thanks Kenny yeah I watched a tut online and after a wall breaks looks like character can walk over chunks.
Reason why I ask this is because I am thinking mountain pass crumbling away under old car or bus, want the
vehicle to still kinda keep driving while the ground fractures underneath its weight.
You know that “oh **** oh **** oh **** drive faster!” thing :slight_smile:

LOL THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen that in a game before. And what a no-brainer! DUH! Why has nobody done that?