What happens if I install windows 10 without a Microsoft Account?

I installed windows 10 and at the screen where I had the option to SKIP, I actually was so foolish I decided to put in my hotmail account.

Now when windows boot I have to punch in the password everytime.

It is important to note I plan on keeping this tech preview build for the next 5 years because I do not qualify for the free upgrade that others with legal copies of windows 7 will get.

My question is what happens if I format my SSD and reinstall and don’t put in the microsoft account? Do I still get the keep the tech preview for life? and if so how would they even know? don’t you need to be connected with your account to enjoy this free windows 10? But this would mean the tech preview is always online DRM?

The method to use to make the login automatic does not work. Someone please advise me here.

I only want to get rid of the Login Screen so it loads and logins to desktop automatic when windows starts, its only I alone who uses this PC.

I am really using this tech preview for life, as my main PC and Main OS for gaming etc because I cannot afford windows 10 for $100 so I plan on being a beta tester for as long as Microsoft allows me to.

You should be able to upgrade for free to a retail copy of Windows 10 if you are using the tech preview. :slight_smile:

^ actually it was revealed that to upgrade the tech preview you still need a valid windows 7 or 8 key, lol.

That is no freebies for pirates

you don’t have to use a microsoft act, you can use a local act instead, and you don’t need a password. though, there are some registry tweaks you can to to embed your password in the registry and bypass the password, but I would advise against that :wink:

and for now, everybody is using the same key, sign up to be a windows insider and get the key yourself :wink:

Its just like this: you can upgrade to Windows 10 and if you stay on the Windows Insider Program you will have an activated Windows 10 with the cutting edge features (and headaches). So you are licensed to run a Preview Build, but you must buy or otherwise aquire a retail license if you do not want to stay on the Insider branch and want a RTM version instead.

So after Windows 10 goes RTM the Insiders will briefly be on the RTM version as well, and they will move on to newer versions.

And the MS Account is only required once to upgrade after build 10159 I understand, to mark your Windows as licensed via the Insider Program, but you can go on use a normal, local Windows account as long MS doesn’t remove that ability for everybody (I assume that will not happen).

ok so if I don’t use a MS account, to login how exactly will this windows activate?

I think maybe I should just keep the MS account as is?

Yea I continue to use my local account, that lives since Windows XP (Ive upgrade to anything else since). I wouldn’t put my documents to the MS cloud anyways. Why should I trust MS with my docs. If the NSA wants to look at my p… and other private stuff they must make some more efford. :stuck_out_tongue:

So: local account to work, MS account for things MS wants that for (handling windows licensing, whatever they come up with).

Well i think I will just leave the MS account as is since it only takes 2 seconds to type in a password at login screen.
Cause how else are they going to know I am using a tech preview? without an MSA account for login screen its possible I may not be eligible for the insider preview.

I have the gut feeling this will be needed since I am going to use the insider program as a way to get windows 10 free, essentially I will be a permanent beta tester for microsoft I guess I have to earn this windows 10 LOL. But I got no problem because I am saving over $100 USD and furthermore I will get the newest builds before the folks who actually paid their $100 LOL

And I have no doubt microsoft will release builds as stable as they can because if current win 10 builds are anything to by them I am pleased. I dunno why but my build says 10130 and when I go to latest update it says my PC already has the latest build.

I wonder how many years this windows 10 inside preview will run for?

It will run 6 months, and if MS doesn’t create new builds that would be it . But they seem to want that to continue as long as Windows lives so its like FreeBSD 10.1 vs FreeBSD 11-current or unstable releases on Linux.

Lots of ppl cannot upgrade via Windows Update, but there is a new ISO for build 10162 you can use to update. Same place as where you got it before.

ow so it would require formatting the SSD again and installing the 10162 from scratch?

I think one can just update with the setup.exe on the iso. Im doing that right now too, I was among those that couldn’t get newer build with windows update. Its testing readyness to install since… hours.

hey I have a question I see you can buy a CD key for windows 8.1 OEM on G2A.com for $22

But where exactly do I get this ISO to download and install for windows 8.1? must it be a specific ISO? or can it be any windows 8.1 ISO?

That doesn’t sound legit man. 22bucks?.. It’s more like 90-100 bucks.

An OEM key? To what would it be bound ? Motherboard?

Tell us how it goes! Because if it’s all cool and stuff. that’s a freaking amazing deal for windows. (malwarebytes too.)

I have been using G2A for a year now and they are 100% legit, I pay the $1 insurance for G2A shield in the event the key does not work I am guaranteed a working key if there are any issues.

The issue for me is not if G2A is legit, I know how to use it, I buy from the G2A suggested price and never had an issue.