What happens if a content maker decided to just stop updating their packs, or (unfortunately) dies?

If the content makers, are responsible for keeping everything updated, what happens to their content if they won’t/can’t update it?

I’m specifically interested in the ramifications to the end user (the people who bought their packs).

Thanks in advance!

I believe it’s been said that it will be removed from the marketplace. Those who have already purchased it will continue to have access to the files for download though.

I see, I figured as much, just wanted to make sure.

Thanks for your response!

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Humm well even if Epic removes an assist I still see it as being a problem if a project has a built in dependency. I already have a few maps in process using out dated BP’s creating a dependency that I have to either live with the errors or remove the asset that I/we paid for.

In my opinion the author should be given X number of opportunities to update and upgrade to the current version of the engine, which is already a requirement, and if they fail to follow up the asset is considered being orphaned and other solution put into place to fix the “problem”

The content creator is definitely given ample opportunity to update their content before it is removed. There isn’t much that can be done if someone decides they want to abandon their product. It gets pulled from the marketplace, and those who already purchased it maintain access to the product indefinitely.

While this is certainly no excuse for them, a lot of content can usually upgrade smoothly, content creators just verify that with Epic when an update is pushed.

If content gets removed from marketplace can one of the users who have downloaded, update it for new version and sell it as his/her own content? Or from original creators name?

no, unless you got the rights from the creator to sell it as your own.

Thanks for the answer. What about this: can user update content and share it with other users who has bought the content? (Those users must prove that they have bought it)

No, not without permission from the content creator. They still hold all rights to the assets even if they are no longer selling it on the marketplace. A user can however write a tutorial on how to update the content, and share that information with the public.

Nope, regardless of whether or not others have bought it, you do not have the right to redistribute the content.

Jamendxman3, so that’s why. Thanks for answer.

SE_JonF, that answer eases my marketplacephobia a little bit :slight_smile: Thanks.

Ceators are obliged to updated their content only when a new engine update breaks the functionality of their content so they’d have to make it compatible with it again. So that said, one creator can stop updating their package and it’ll never get pulled from the marketplace if it doesn’t have any “problems”.

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This is why I’m not trying to make anything for the marketplace.

I’d be interested to hear from some of the people who do sell a bunch of stuff, how much hassle has after sale service (and version fixes) been compared to the amount of money you made from your products?

Happy to help. =)

That answer may vary depending on what you create. As an environment designer, I don’t really have much if anything to fix for new versions. I imagine code based projects might involve a little more work though.

Chance was going through the list manually. I’m not sure if he’s finished or not, you may want to message him to check. =)

Some level of support is required with any product you distribute, whether it be Game or Game Assets. Improving support for integration and upgrade of SLOT I/OS motivated a complete redesign. Please don’t let this concern hinder you from contributing something awesome to the community.

You made my day with your “… or (unfortunately) dies?”