What happens after the game is made but before release

So i have a question and it may sound dumb, but im an undergraduate, honest :slight_smile: i posted here as its a general question and has nothing to do with UE4. i had to place it in UE 4.10 section. thats my current version

when a game is finished it is built and packaged right in UE4. when we’re making a retail game i here that a game goes GOLD or GREEN LIGHTED. but there is a gap from this point til it reaches retail stores and is released.
What exactly happens in this gap.
Games are manufactured but how? how does the game get put on the disc itself, as in is it one by one. like a bunch of computers each with a DVD burner, burning discs one by one or is there a simpler way

Gold is a term used to describe the disk color (self burned or in house burned basically). Usually you outsource (if you are a small studio…and sometimes even large studios do this) to a company that specializes in the mass process of printing the disks and packaging them up…it usually takes just a few weeks from the time that the proofs of labels, packages, etc are approved before you start getting loads of pallets with your packaged game either delivered directly to you for distribution or if you already have them in place and ready to receive to retail locations for sale. Nowadays though things are moving more and more towards digital distribution which takes a layer of cost out of the equation when it comes to the distribution/release of a game.

right, thanks for clearing that up.
the game data is printed manually.
would you know of any place/company i would be able to outsource

Here’s a couple of videos to show you the behind the scenes of the making of the discs (the youtube video is super old How Its Made):

Look into: http://www.reelpicture.com/index.shtml

We’ve used these guys before on a couple of projects (there are many many others) but if you are just starting out and only need a few thousand copies made you may be better off searching for a cd/dvd duplication service that offers packaging also.

right thanks for all your help, really appreciated