What happened to the YouTube replication tutorial series?

Decided to put some effort into learning multiplayer environments, I thought I would get started by watch the Unreal Engine tutorials I once saw on YouTube, to my surprise they aren’t there any more :frowning:

I could only find their “Blueprint Multiplayer” series, and a “small live training” video, which might cover all the info I will need, but I do not want to watch 24 videos covering a subject I have no interest in.

I’m hoping someone here will tell me that i’m just blind and post me the link to said playlist.


you are just blind

actually they have them set as unlisted for some reason, likely due to them being out of date…

Would be good to make a list with all videos

I love you! And I can’t think of any reason for them to be out of date, well not really haha

Thank you so much

I’d recommend these only because they are far more current, updated, and not almost 3 years old.

Blueprint Multiplayer | v4.11 | Unreal Engine
Blueprint Multiplayer | v4.11 | Unreal Engine - YouTube

Replication | Live Training | Unreal Engine