What happened to the viewport widget?

In the early days of UMG, I played around with a viewport widget where I could load a world and spawn stuff, and have it presented in my UI as a small viewport.

I can’t seem to find this widget anymore, and no evidence of it ever existing.

What happened, and is it coming back? It seemed really useful for stuff like character/inventory previews, etc.

I know what UMG is.

In the early days when it was a plugin that you had to enable, there was a Viewport widget in the palette you could drag out and place. As well as a color picker. Both are gone now.

Edit: Just loaded up an old project where I used it, and it works in existing widgets where I placed it. But I can’t place new ones.

Edit: http://i.imgur.com/B4SKqVh.png

Edit: And the widget works and show the viewport.

The launcher.

At least for now, I can just paste

Begin Object Class=Viewport Name=“CharacterViewport”



End Object

You sure you searching right way? I can see it in API documentation even with blueprint expose ( btw UMG is just blueprint expose of Slate, so no blueprint expose would be strange)

If you can’t place it with UI editor maybe try to spawn it with blueprint code

I guess it’s a bug then, you use laucher or source version of UE4?

so i guess it’s a bug… or maybe something intend? :stuck_out_tongue: I guess work around for now might be copy paste the widgets

Hello MulleDK19,

This widget has been removed in later versions of the engine. It was an experimental widget that was being tried out but was not declared stable enough for the current versions of the engine.

Make it a great day

The widget is experimental but it has not been removed. Experimental widgets are not shown in the palette because they are not complete, buggy, or totally untested. If you would like to use it, feel free, but you are on your own as they say. You’ll need to modify the engine source and remove the experimental flag if you want it show up in the palette. There’s no setting to simply show experimental widgets, I didn’t want it to be super convenient for people to shoot themselves in the foot :slight_smile: