What happened to the DefaultLit paper2d materials?

Hello! Sorry if this is the wrong section, I don’t really see where this can fit (feel free to point me to the right section). I was working on a paper2d-based game and I created a clone copy to test out 4.14. It seems that many of the sprite materials are now gone, including the DefaultLit paper2d material which allowed sprites to be affected by lighting instead of being emissive all the time. I looked through the changelog in the blog, and nothing there refers to Paper2D.

What happened?

Hi Paragonx9.
The paper2d and materials are found in the plugin-content section.

What you do:
-In the content-browser bottom-right-corner and click the eye button “view-options”
-in the popup-menu, choose “show plugin-content”

Now you’ll see a host of new folders and one should be the paper2d Content where you’ll find the materials.
I recommend you make a copy of the materials for your project :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I know how to view the materials, it just seems like some Paper2D materials were removed from the engine/plugin. Before there were materials that weren’t inherently emissive and reacted to light, those are not there anymore.

Hi Paragon!
I downloaded the 4.14 and you are right! the materials are NOT there!

Epic? What happened? I was using those! :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m wondering lol. I mean we can just reuse the older ones, but I’d like to know why they were removed at least.

They can be re-created by creating a material instance from the default sprite material and setting up the proper settings for it.

I know, I’m just wondering what the reasoning behind their removal was (if any).