What happened to Resonance Audio for Unreal?

Hello! I’m interested in trying to spatialize audio using Resonance Audio in the Unreal engine. It seems like this plugin has some very useful features. The former Google RA GitHub page provides instructions for integrating RA with UE4.19, but I heard that the project has since gone open source. Also, I tried building UE4.19 (RA branch) on Xcode and received many errors. The most current RA page on GitHub doesn’t mention Unreal engine at all. “This is the official open source project for the Resonance Audio SDK. This repository consists of the full source code of the Resonance Audio C++ library, as well as the platform integrations into Unity, FMOD, Wwise and DAW tools.” So what is the current status of RA on UE4? Is Epic is now focusing more on the UE4 native spatialization? Or will there be a new build of UE4 sometime which includes the RA plugin? Thanks!

The Google Resonance plugin is located in the Audio category and is available on the standard UE4 installation. No special build necessary. Please activate the New Unreal Audio Engine before using it.

On 4.22 resonance audio plugin settings assets get corrupted for me after an editor restart, can’t be opened and disappear from any attenuation settings plugin settings lists they are in.