What happened to my viewports?

Everything was working normal untill i added a billboard component to a new blueprint. The viewport in that blueprint started acting weird, so i closed it down and closed the project without saving.

Now all viewports in all of my projects have this bug, it starts normal and as soon as i want to move the camera it’s like the FOV completely messes up and everything is stretched. It slao happens if i create a new project with nothing in it.

I’m completely lost to what might have happened and how to fix it, please help!

[Example of viewport bug (vid)][1]

the FOV completely messes up and
everything is stretched

cool & pretty freaky; can you check here:

What are the chances you’ve left a book resting at the edge of the keyboard pressing some keys (real world example). Also, sticky (for any reason, I don’t judge), keyboard keys are a thing.