What happened to "Debug Editor"?

I’ve been running my code under “Debug Game Editor” for a while, but if I recall correctly earlier versions of engine had “Debug Editor” option. This morning I wanted to debug the actual editor and thought that there was an option to “Debug Editor”, so that editor code doesn’t get optimized away. But I don’t see that in the list of my debug options. Any ideas ?


Above is the pic of the options I get - no “Debug Editor”.

Hi tardygrade,

From the screenshot that you provided, it looks like you are using the binary version of the Engine, correct? If so, the options shown in your screenshot are correct. The options to debug the Engine source code while using the binary version of the Engine are limited. However, if you build the Engine from source code, you will have a larger number of options available, including the Debug Editor option.

Ah, that was it. All good now - thanks !