What happened to comments?

I just noticed comments are no longer being displayed on the marketplace page. Forgive me if this was announced elsewhere, anyone know what’s going on?

I just wanted to ask the same. Without comments it’s really hard to see why the rating for an asset is like it is. I hope it’s only temporary because they work on integrating all the features into the launcher!

Agreed, just had the first rating for my second pack and was hoping to be able to see why the user rated it such. That’s an interesting theory, would be cool if it is the case. =)

I think they removed it, because of the spammers → currently we mods are not abel to delete spam messages on the marketplace/blog/… so everything has to be done by epic games and especially over the weekend this could cause problems (just some few people from epic are online over the weekend) :slight_smile:

That would be unfortunate if true. Comments are integral to rating a package and informing both content creators and fellow consumers of their thoughts on it. Perhaps putting the same restrictions that apply to rating a package on commenting would solve the problem. Allowing only those who purchased a pack to comment/review. =)

+1 to SE_JonF’s idea. Stuff like questions on packs should go in support threads, so there’s no reason someone who hasn’t bought the pack should be able to post a comment. That, or add capchas or easily answered (for humans) questions each comment.

or allow reading comments globally but posting through the Launcher market interface only.

Like SE_JonF, +1, “Comments are integral to rating a package…” and “Allowing only those who purchased a pack to comment/review.”

luny ;B

No comments.

Hey all, something we’re looking into!

Thanks Chance! And long time no see! =P

Comments are still invisible and now also the amount of ratings is missing, so you have no idea whether an item has 1 rating or 10 ratings, which makes the ratings quite useless since it could just be one single rating. What is the problem? Why does more and more stuff disappear? I think Epic should at least tell the sellers whats happening.

hey man, it’s a known issue that we’re looking into!

Hey there,
Thanks for looking into this. Any updates on what might be happening? Btw the new additions of supported versions, and platforms is really cool :slight_smile:

Hopefully we’ll have something up sooner than later! The team is working on it now - it’s a bit of an undertaking, but it shouldn’t be much longer :slight_smile:

I noticed the comments have been back up for a while now and thats awesome :slight_smile:
I was wondering if it is still on the list to get the number of star ratings to start showing up again as well? Or if this is intended that we can’t see how many ratings there are? Thanks

That would be counter-productive in every aspect. That is like if Amazon didn’t show the # of ratings. 1 person could give a product a 1 star rating, and drive away tens of thousands of potential customers.

I’m sure that they are working on it, or at least I sure hope so, as my marketplace package is going to be released in a few weeks.

As far as I know this fix merged into marketplace overhaul and ability to use search/categories/rating and etc in Launcher, so maybe next year, heh… >_>

Yes, this is a known issue. It’s tied into some other updates we’re waiting on. I have our weekly Marketplace meeting tomorrow, and I’m requesting an ETA on the fix. This is definitely not something we would remove on purpose, because I agree that the number of ratings is extremely important. We’ll get this fixed as soon as we can. Apologies for the inconvenience, guys.

Appreciate the update Jon!