what happend to my roof????

what happend to my roof ,it was good before ,just turn this this morning ,and i have tried all different ways it still like this ?anyone got a idea?

What did it look like before?

If lighting looks different when you reload a scene, then you probably just need to wait a bit for it to stream in the lightmaps because it’s still loading them in.

Thanks dude ,but it is not like ,it’s the leaking light on the roof on lighting side

If there’s light leaking in, make sure that no surfaces extend outside, and also it can help if you have a surface outside (facing outward) to block light from coming in

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if it was good before maybe its running out of memory to stream, try increasing pool size…

Try “r.streaming.poolsize 3000”


You’re gonna need to speak english if you want help man… :stuck_out_tongue: