What happen with the Infinity Blade free sounds

What happen with the Infinity Blade free sounds are they all canceled or are epic still figure out wat can give away for free
i like to hear something about it epic :smiley:

One year past and we continue to expect an answer

Doubt it will happen, they said there are licensing restrictions on it.

You can get a lot of free sound from though, particularly the GDC packs.

oke Thanks for the info

But they talked about the license restriction promising to solve that in the coming months … one year has passed…

Why do you need an answer? It’s possibly free content some time in the future, but it’s not here right now.
I would expect they ran into trouble and it won’t actually happen. If it turns out to happen in the future, well, that would be a nice surprise!

If you have a game that’s all done, except it has no sounds, then the right thing for you to do is to go looking for sounds you can use right now.
If you’re not at that point, why does it matter whether Epic will give you some free sounds or not?

What you say? talk about future? one year is no future? kkk this well wait another year!!!

Or maybe they forgot about it and if nobody reminds them we’ll never get the sounds.

Edit: The GDC pack is not available, if you want it you need to use this torrent

Hey everyone,

Unfortunately the assets in question were not something that Epic was authorized to release. In the end it was all created by a third party and not ours to distribute. Sorry for the lack of communication there, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks for your understanding!

Thanks for clarifying it, maybe it’s a good idea to write about this on the Infinity Blade Marketplace pages so when people go there they’ll know what happened and stop thinking about it.

That’s a fair point, I’ll let the Marketplace team know to include that as a bulletpoint on the description. Thanks!

what is that?

Is the sound pack Telimaktar mentioned above.