What happen to ue4 modeling?

I remember watching a video of a girl modeling a lighthouse in VR with ue4 but now it’s impossible to find info on it? Goverment conspiracy or did I dream it? I was really looking forward to possibly dumping my modeling software. What happened? I feel like it was like 2 years ago?

Define modeling.

Do you mean something like this?

or this?
or this? which is being worked on as we speak

UE4 won’t ever have the type of modeling tools that would replace using an actual modeling software, most of what they’ve been talking about is level design tools similar to some other game engine editors but can’t do the type of detail and advanced modeling that a 3D software is designed for.

Ahh the third one seems to be the winner. They built a pretty decent subdivided Lighthouse in VR from scratch. That video seems to have vanished. I wouldn’t say never when it comes to the tools in Unreal for modeling. All it would need is to be as about as easy as Sketchup to model and the tools would evolve and expand.

Very cool I just tried it. It is VERY easy to use.