What got you into programming?

Hello good people,

My name is and I’m from Canada. I’m a graphic designer and photographer by profession but I’m much more into web design. So at the moment, I’m taking a break off from work in order to study and gain the necessary knowledge.

Many people have asked me why web design is so interesting to me that I’m ready to abandon such a creative position. Well, I wouldn’t really ditch it, I’d rather somehow combine and implement my current and new knowledge to come up with unique websites. But how and when did I become so obsessed with it?

Everything started sometime last year when I stumbled upon these Removed Link. For a reason still unknown to me, they appealed to me so much that I started gambling online on a regular basis. Don’t worry, I didn’t get hooked, but I did become preoccupied by the idea that I need to learn web design and start making online casinos. I know it’s a long journey, but I’m willing to learn.

And you guys, how did you get into programming? What inspired you to choose this path? Share your stories in the comments, I’d love to learn them!


it’s fun, wasting time coding, I like it, just digging, doing things, getting a result, it could be satisfactory.

Just don’t upset the gurus, they are temperal. You will see them around here and on “Discord”
THey are all MIT proffesors grown in the cave. (MIT SOMALIA and Papa Guinea)
Real monk masters if you don’t share their view you are going to iritate their already inflated ego.

I can’t believe what the keyboard has done to these people, it’s really sad to turn someone into a monster, I guess writing code is not for everyone.

So if you want to start a programming journey mister Canadian be advised, even co workers are not your friends. People that write code can be strange, but not all are like this, just watch out with these and you will be fine

EDIT: TLTR rant below is not worth your time.

The reason is my industry will change rapidly in the next several years, with tech replacing workers and I’m not interested in the new jobs coming in.

Being able to program or at least understand it, is, and will continue to be, a super power of sorts.
I will never retire fully and being 45 years old, means I probably got 50-60 years left of work, granted nothing gets in the way.

Once AI overtakes a lot of manual labour, including coding, the same way of thinking will still be applicable as we start unlocking the secrets of nature and the universe. Biology is filled with booleans, ints, arrays, floats and other variables in functions and so forth.

The next frontier must be to discover and understand the programming language of the Gods. After that, the building blocks of everything. Be it sound, vibration, reverberation or something we don’t even know about yet.

# # - Ignore the old reply below - # #

The industry I am trained in, will be slaughtered within 15 years by robots and IT solutions. Human beings are primal animals without sympathy and highly competitive when in the collective scarcity mode. We are headed towards an incredibly rough 25 year period.

Most people would rather starve in desperation, than prepare before it’s too late.

Being able to command computers is a super power.

I refuse to be dragged down with the majority who didn’t act, hence, being able to utilise IT to improve my position is an ideal plan.

Threats of running out of toilet paper turned to physical fights in super markets. That was back then when things were secure and comfortable. One can only imagine what is on the horizon.

The emergency programs by governments during the pandemic will lead to super inflation and an explosion in poverty. After that, we will get the tax bill for this era.

We will eventually get used to this big shocker and adapt. Eat homegrown food, travel locally, calm down and become stronger. When that happens, I want to be on the top of the social hierarchy.

I experienced homelessness in 2015 and that was a great gift, becoming used to chaos and uncertainty. The recovery through the system in Denmark has this hidden expectation that you can’t make it in life because you were homeless. The word for marginalised in Denmark is “outcast.”
Mix that and low expectations with enabling attitudes from the system and your only choice is to wage war on your weaknesses.

2020 and 2021 have been the best years of my life. Broke, ill, unemployed, no friends. Man, I love this struggle :slight_smile:

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Your friends go, never to be seen again, you just talk to them like maybe once a year online, they move to another town, country yep. They grown up and now have children, wife, family, they only have time for their family.

So i’t understandable, if you are divorced or something similar and over 40.
I agree, coding could be a good hobby to keep your mind sharp so it does not develop paranoia and alzimer, or who knows what as you pass 40.

It’s when you develop these things, when your mind looses focus and starts producing non sense.
Got to keep preocupied to take care of your mind and brain. As they say use it or loose it.

You are right about the robot thing, I want to get good but look at GPT 3 it can write anything.
You are just going to have supervisors of the robot coder and maybe one programmer to take care of the robot if he breaks down or needs updating.

Soon there will be just robot software to write code and anyone will be able to do it, and of course what ■■■■■■ me off, they will say “I’m a software engenier” because I tell the robot what to do.

Simple, story really.

I was saving up for my first motorbike, but son of my mothers friend had minor accident, and mom decided that she does everything in her power to stop me from buying bike.
And she had perfect idea, she told me if i want atari 800XL (which was on my list next to bike) she will pay missing $$$. Back then ATARI was like 150$ and in commie poland it was a lot.
I decided to get whatever i can buy first (remember commie Poland, in shops there was only soap and wegetable oil).

And it just happened that i could buy ATARI and not bike. Yes mother had nothing to do with it. :wink:

So being clueless (and everybody was clueless about computers), i bought ATARI 800 XL, however without any storage device (no tape and no disk drive, and USB sticks were wild dreams in some darpa or nsa labs).

Having only computer without any way to save or load anything i started digging into basic (after watching MEM and sound tests for few days, but that was most boring game i know)

Then i got tape recorder and discovered that amazing thing called assembler.

Oh the joy when i made multiply routine on 8 bit CPU (that was needed to draw circle or line) , yes 6502C did not have multiply operation. :smiley:

PS. no internets, so no stack overflow and copy/paste coding.


Metal Gear Solid actually…as cool as Snake is, as a kid I wanted to be like Otacon and engineer cool tech one day. Building robots, hacking computer networks etc… So yea for me it was science fiction. Eventually I discovered AI and python programming. Since then I have gotten into robotics and AI. It is my desire to build and teach and my own robot (maybe a quadruped…, Wolf anyone?) how to do stuff, and maybe even chat about the meaning of life and why the first cup of coffee is always the best.

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vvits like expecting new friends after sharing, … i saw a problem, after teaching Chinese children. they will be given a portal, around the age, when society shuts off curiosity and parents don’t let examine the inner side of the toys. with imagination down, portal throws beta at them, until hardcore multiplayer kicks in. yet instinctive.

before ue4 Battlefield V was over with tactical squad with an experienced tactician Genistu, who saw that i failed to to my instincts, attempting to wait for the kill and implement the art of war by sun Tzu.

i realized, that for the device to become a portal, it must be unlocked. else it locks the mind within. the research took me further into Atlántida. Where the key to tree of life, revealed the spectrum. the hermetic seal become a lock, and the emerald tablets became the cyber, that void within. Yet only handwritten notes were able to draw the blueprint and guide the research.

Further realization that for the portal to be a portal, it should be optimized, for that specific purpose, allow humanity to further prevail over the bonds of space time that physical body obeys. But but not the mind. The ■■■ stays. Where the mind goes then? What it becomes after its reunited.

The story… cheers

how did u see moving images?

2022 is your best year mate, the difference between a robot and human, is s matter of taste…

Got into programming for gamedev, as a necessary tool to create games.

Got an sinclare computer from my grandpa back in the days as i grow up.
You could not do much with a computer at this time.
Just learn how they function and test what you can do, so this is how my story started.

Since then i hade almost all systems and tried all i could lay my hands on.
I love how you feel if you have a problem that makes you almost smash your computer, but after solving this you want to kiss him :slight_smile:

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I am driven by pure hate of videgame products on a maket todey…therefore I’m here to do what must be done

Desire to work for myself.

Lol PS you eat hamburgers, he eats batteries. A matter of taste