what give with the snap ue4

bsp not snapping to spot you move it to ! snap offset itself form spot i put it real pain in the *** what gives ue4. did not have this problem with udk3 or when was paying 19$ is this how you screw with people!

A very professional thread with clear reproduction steps.

Do you have images or videos or even more clear text explanations for the problem you’re having? That might let people here help you with the problem.

I mean, if this is just a rant thread don’t feel obligated. But if you want help, more information would be nice. :slight_smile:

You are blaming Epic yet you are not even explaining your problem properly.

Please post your problem here to get help;

or here; if you think it is a bug. And be more descriptive.

I’m closing this thread now. You can start a new feedback thread if you find out that what you are trying to do is a missing feature in the editor.