What Genre?

I was just thinking about some of the good side scrolling games that I use to play and was wondering do you guys think that the side scrolling games are dying or do you think that they are as strong as ever and do you even like side scrolling games? Also what is your favorite genre when it comes to gamming? Off subject this game is coming out I use to love playing this game at the arcades(showing my age)

Hi LcSweeper

I’m a big fan of Arcade games and enjoy all genres of games. Those memories drive a lot of I want to do in game dev today. In fact, my FP Fantasy Blast & Slash Dungeon Crawler - Treasure Hunter VR: Dragon’s Gold is inspired by Gauntlet! I would say that side-scrolling is absolutely not dead, but, I would expect to see other perspectives (ie: top-down, isometric) integrated into 3D side-scrollers.