What game engine to use for this type of games?


I wanted to know what would be better to use as an game engine for games like :

The legend of zelda twilight princess? (I thought of unreal engine instead of unity3d)

Amnesia the dark descent/machine of pigs (Unreal was my thought too)

But then there’s the legend of zelda wind waker, im not sure about this one?

Im really just starting out and wanted to know if it would be for example possible to recreate the same exact game (just as an example) in unreal/unity engine? Or which one perhaps? Thank you for you help! (:

Hello! It seems that this
Unreal Engine 4, but not exactly sure

And you can tell me on what platform the site https://cheapessay.net/ was created. I will be thankful.

For all 3 examples, both engines are totally valid! Especially for the zelda games you would need a complete custom solution. Its not something you can build out of the box!

It is a pity that he can not do it himself (