What function is ised in AI docs?

I’m pretty new to AI scripting. Looking for documentation, got stuck at
What function is linked to AI_CON_ref at “is AI_CON_ref set” block??

Right click the image -> open in new tab -> zoom in :stuck_out_tongue:
It´s a Cast to Follower_AI_Con Node. I havn´t read trough this stuff by now and i have no idea what this is, but assume, that this is an actor which was previously created?

I’m speaking about this one

I dont quite understand this as well, seems like it should be “is valid”
basically it check is AI CON != (not equal) nothing, which means is “set”.

Yes, this is one way to check if a reference variable is ‘set’ or empty. I can’t say for sure, but “IsValid”
might check more then just the Pointer in the variable. There are different states like “PendingKill” and such
things that might also be checked with “IsValid”. So you would want to use that instead of (A != nothing).
The Unequal and Equal should be used to really compare 2 actors.

Thanx for all, that was NotEqual(Object)
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