What format do marketplace submissions have to be?

Hey everyone!

I’ve made some models and textures that I think are good enough for the marketplace. I’m wondering what format they have to be in? I’m having a hard time understanding the instructions. When it says “project files” does it mean I have to submit the project itself, the raw files (fbx and png) or the uasset files from file explorer?

Thank you!

Hey there Tja95!

When submitting to the marketplace you are including your UE4 project and all the .uassets applicable to your product. You’ll want to archive the project located within the Unreal Projects folder and link to it when bringing forth an application. You can find more information here, you’ll want to read through it if it’s your first time. Good luck! =)

Thank you Jon! So am I right in assuming it’s just the corresponding folder within the Unreal Projects folder I need to submit and nothing else? Thanks

Yes you are correct! Though there are a few folders within that you can exclude as they aren’t necessary (i.e. screenshots, backup, logs). All the information should be in the link above. =)

In general, for blueprints-only project you need ‘Config’, ‘Content’ folders and .uproject file (i.e. exclude ‘Build’, ‘Saved’ and ‘Intermediate’ folders).

Perfect answers ! Thank you both :slight_smile:

Happy to help. Good luck! =)