What first little game can i creat ?

Hello, i learned c++ since a few month, i created my first game, which was an hangman game (on the terminal prompt), now i want to remake this game but with an nice interface on unreal engine 4 in 2D, i looked in forums and poeple said it’s not really for beginners like me.
so here is my question, what first game can i creat to adapte with unreal engine with script only made by me ? (knowing that i used unity3d for a long time)

If you’ve used Unity before, than you don’t really have to create a little game. You’ll have to program in C++, but it’s far from the pure C++ experience. You have lots of functions, macros, base classes, a garbage collector at your disposal, so you can use your previous experience from Unity. I’d say just try to implement small gameplay elements. What I did when I was transitioning from Unity, is a first person character, a flashlight that you could toggle with the F key. Then I made a simple level, added raycast based gun, etc… Stuff I already know how to do in Unity.

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looks interesting i think i’m gonna do like you, thanks for sharing your own experience ^^