What files/folders should I exclude in .gitignore?

Hi, hopefully this goes here. I have my project hosted on bitbucket using Git and Source Tree UI, I am very new to source control but I wanted to learn it and after 2 days and five repositories later, I believe I got the hang of it, but I am wondering which files and folders I should exclude from sending to the remote repository. I excluded Saved and Intermediate directories entirely and also excluded .log and .bin files, anything else i should exclude? Did i exclude anything in those folders that i might need?

There’s an example gitignore file here:…gine.gitignore
You’ll also want to set up LFS for all binary file types (mostly .uasset / .umap, and any other binary files your project has like .blend, .fbx, .png, …)

LFS mystery abbreviation?

We add the collections and developers folders to ignore list as well: