What exactly is SlateUI? and how can i reduce it?

Here is a screenshot of my profile GPU

Obviously I have some post-processing issues but what is the SlateUI and why is it so consuming? How can I reduce this?

Slate UI could be the editor, are you profiling the packaged standalone game, or the game with the editor?

SlateUI is also used under the hood by UMG, so if you have any widgets blueprints, that’d be a place to look also.

Cheers guys!

It must be the Editor. I have no UMG widgets, although its good to know that is something I should check.

Unfortunately I am unable to do profile GPU on standalone game as it comes out with no background, looking like this

Which I believe is a known bug.

Currently downloading 4.8 so hopefully see some better results with that.

Just a little update for y’all!

4.8 is working wonders :slight_smile:

Now to sort my post-processing out!