What exactly does the 'LoS Hearing Range' in AI perception do? And what effect does altering it's value achieve?

Hi, I’m working on AI Perception hearing sense and was wondering what the option ‘LoS Hearing Range’ does. Does it make sure that only sound sources with a direct line of sight to the player are registered? Or is it the equivalent of ‘Lose Sight Radius’? Also what effect does altering it’s value achieve in regards to the hearing capabilities of a pawn?

Suggestion: There’s no tooltip for this option except for showing it’s name. It would be great to have some more info regarding it in the Editor. Thanks!

Looking through the source code today (version 4.13.1), it doesn’t look like this does anything at the moment apart from display a different radius in the debugger. Perhaps an upcoming feature?

I really didn’t expect an answer to this after such a long time. So thanks for the confirmation, Ben.

I think it’s just used for quiet sounds that normal hearing wouldn’t pick up, but a closer radius for hearing small noises.

maybe it is Line of Sight radius, for example if there’s no obstacles the hearing is better… just guessing.

I looked at the source code (4.16.2) and still it seems it does nothing on the AI except display debug radius as Ben said before.

I wonder why Epic keep this unused things within the engine, knowing that are totally abandoned :confused:

Wonder if any Epic staff can mark this for the next patch as removal if it does nothing?

I think Ben above nailed it as the source code reflects what he said… but, the SC is huge, so maybe something was overlooked. Where did you get the above information? Thx.