What exactly does the 'LoS Hearing Range' in AI perception do? And what effect does altering it's va

Hi, I’m working on AI Perception hearing sense and was wondering what the option ‘LoS Hearing Range’ does. Does it make sure that only sound sources with a direct line of sight to the player are registered? Or is it the equivalent of ‘Lose Sight Radius’? Also what effect does altering it’s value achieve in regards to the hearing capabilities of a pawn?

Bumping up the thread as I can’t find any info regarding the same in the documentation or forums/answerhub.

Pretty sure it’s a smaller radius than general hearing, where the emitter will be heard 100%, so if you wanted a radius around the the AI where it should hear any noise, even if the strength is low enough that it wouldn’t otherwise.

This parameter doesn’t seem to affect anything (except debugging)

Found it!

This is used to display a different radius in the debugger for Hearing Range.

Source: AI Perception | Unreal Engine Documentation