What exactly determines which features are being brought to Unreal Engine & when?

I was curious to know what exactly determines which features are being brought to Unreal Engine & when?
If one wants a particular feature added to the engine, besides making a post and waiting years to see if it will be added(or trying to add said feature yourself), is there another route?
How exactly does Epic determine which features they want to add?
How exactly do they go about taking our feedback into consideration when adding features?
I’ve been sitting on a list of engine features I’ve been waiting years for so I can create the type of game I want to make. However none of those features have been mentioned or implemented within that time, further, some of the features I need that had actually been on the Unreal Engine roadmap years ago, have now even been removed!
Why does there seem like there is some lack of transparency about this process? Am I missing something?
There are certain features many of us have been waiting for, for years, still with no mention of when if ever they will be added.
Some of us do not want to use another engine because we’d prefer supporting Epic & Unreal engine instead.

They rarely make any comments on feature requests but they’re pretty open with what things they’re working on.

However, most of the engine features are driven by their own projects. If it’s a major feature it’s probably driven by their needs or if it’s a good business decision.

Mostly, features are driven by what NVidia / Microsoft are pulling out and then internal projects at Epic studios…
Other than that, I think programmers add things when they need that one thing; I don’t think nowadays there’s any urge to implement features based on random forum topics. They did it for a while when engine went public in 2014, but soon after they moved on with life :slight_smile:

Honestly that is disappointing to hear but makes sense considering how things have gone the past few years.

It seems like some of the roadmap features that get added and removed are passion projects by Epic developers that either don’t go anywhere, they get too busy, or they lose interest.

feature is useful for fortnite => feature is added
feature is useful for enterprise => feature is added
otherwise => feature is not added