what engine version of UE4 has the best plugin support?

Im starting to see not alot of the good plugins work on 4.20.

so which version of the engine has been the most supported?

Im kind of thinking twice about staying on the bleeding edge and having things break…some plugins barley made it to 4.20…

for example most people wont know which is the best apple mac computer to make music with and its not the newest macs its the older macs. If you get a new mac today your asking for a nightmare because of the new chips, so I always say get an older mac…

so throw a dog a bone and tell me which one is the best engine

4.10, 4.13, 4.16 and 4.18 I had most stable experience with…
But that’s just my personal experience.

Always use the latest version if starting a new project.

Last good one was 4.18, but point is that the whole engine will be receiving too much changes into rendering module, so I would say that just too many things have changed from 4.19 and above. I think 4.22 will be the next engine stable version where most of the changes will be seen implemented (Raytracing, multi-gpu, etc).

If I would start a game project I would use 4.18 from source. If I would develop an asset for marketplace as a plugin I would start at 4.20. (Actually all my projects in development I have changed to 4.20 regardless being C++, plugins, materials or blueprint)

yeah but when all the good plugins arent in the newest version your stuck coding for weeks and possibly months.

That’s the dirty little secret that doesn’t get enough acknowledgment… Especially if a Plugin is free… Relying on Plugins always comes with risks. Overall Indie-Crusaders advice is good and bad. Its better to start with the latest, BUT ONLY if its also the most STABLE. An informal survey of the forums confirms what Nilson said above: 4.18 is the most stable atm.

Overall. if you’re just beginning, try and create as much gameplay as possible without Plugins. It won’t be practical for some projects. But for others you can fake it using placeholders / fixed / temporary code. It will save you heaps of hassle as you progress through what is often multiple engine upgrades over time. You can’t rely 100% on Plugins anyway. Authors vanish / update cycles crawl. So be sure you absolutely need them, especially if you’re just starting out…

I think im going to stay in 4.20 for a while.

I dont think I will be updating for the whole project, its a single player game

is 4.18 the best for multiplayer support also?

I think so, esp as 4.20 definitely broke some things.

damn it, looks like I will have to restart my project again.