What engine features are not supported on iOS?

Are there certain features that are not supported on mobile platforms? A run the TopDown template on my iPhone and realized, that dynamic lightning and shadows were disabled. Is this something that is simply not supported or was it just disabled? If so, where can I configure these things? Thanks!

There are a few different features levels for the rendering pipelines. ES2 “corresponds to the features supported by most OpenGL ES2 mobile devices” and “uses a pared down forward shading path”. The deferred shading pipeline is what lets you have lots of dynamic lights, and I can’t find a lot of information on what the forward rendering path is like.

For materials you won’t be able to use SceneTexture nodes that access certain parts of the Gbuffer (since it only exists in deferred shading). You will have more limitations on dynamics lights, but a few should be acceptable. I’m not sure on the specifics yet.

It would be nice to set the editor into ES2 feature level to preview the rendering without deploying to a device. There must be a way, but I haven’t stumbled across it yet.

You can preview using ‘Mobile Preview’ in the Play button shortcut. This launches the game in a separate process with ES2 emulation enabled on PC, we don’t yet have in-viewport emulation.

Michael Noland

Does Foliage Instanced Mesh System work on mobile? All grass placed on level with foliage system dissapear in “Mobile Preview” …

i have the same problem with Foliage system, when a see in “mobile preview” dissapear all trees.

my build have motion blur, how i quit this effects for ios.

Note that all the mobile features are documented here

It generally says what features work on mobile and what don’t.