What does Verify do?

Hi I’m running 4.12.5 With VS13

I have been having some issues with the c++ Compiler for a while, and noticed that in IntelTBB, I was missing the -4.0 (VS13) and had only the 4.4u3.(VS15) - giving me problems with the tbbmalloc.lib

Will the verify function fix this problem, by "detecting my VS and adding the correct folders?

Best regards

Hi there,

UE4 version 4.12 and higher now requires Visual Studio 2015 to compile properly, you can download the free community version from this website:

Running a verify from the launcher will go through and find any missing/corrupted files and restore them to their original state. It may be worth a try if using VS 2015 doesn’t solve the issue (but it should).

Hope that helps!

thanks! i saw it and i just click ‘download’ with out knowing with it will do, but ya, i knew its not a virus cuz its with fortnite