What does Use Pawn Control Rotation do?

I’m new to Unreal (7 weeks) and I’m considering this a bug because I just can’t explain why behavior is happening.
To reproduce, create a blueprint project based on Rolling template.

Hit play and look where is camera;
Open PhysicsBallBP > SpringArm > Check “Use Pawn Control Rotation”.
Play and see how camera is positioned;
Uncheck “Use Pawn Control Rotation” and Play;
camera continues with “Use Pawn Control Rotation” behavior even with it turned off.

Thank you.

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Hey Tercio,

What Use Pawn Control Rotation does is make sure that camera remains fixed to rotation of pawn. You’ll only notice a difference with Use Pawn Control Rotation settings if you rotate camera. In base Rolling template, nothing moves camera, so you’d never see any change. If you look at same thing in Third Person template project, you’ll see that you can never use right mouse movement to rotate camera around pawn if Use Pawn Control Rotation is enabled.

Hope that helps!


Thanks , you are awesome.