What does Unreal Engine use for game development?

I recently learned C++ but I am still not confident enough to try Unreal Engine. I’ve been making Roblox games for almost a year, so I am experienced with other platforms. I know it uses C++ but is there a framework or is it just regular C++? Also, if it just uses C++ than isn’t UE just an IDE. (No, its not just an IDE, it is an engine, so could someone please explain how Unreal Engine uses C++ and if it uses other languages too)

The Unreal Engine is a full platform - when you use c++ to code a game, you actually create the project from Unreal Engine, it sets up a full starting level (with 3rd,1st person, vehicle etc), all the #includes and project classes etc.
All you have to do is create your actual game play. It also has Blueprints built in so you can write parts of your game in either (and there are other languages available with plugins).
There are specific math etc types you use - things like an Epic Vector class (or template) and allocators with garbage collection.

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Unreal Engine is many things!

It’s an art path – tools to take textures and models and animations, out from some creation tool, and into the engine.

It’s a level editor – very similar to Roblox Studio in that regard. You can even script in the editor, using Blueprint.

It’s also a very large C++ library that adds a TON of functions for graphics/physics/audio/networking/gameplay and so on. At the bottom, yes, there is “standard C++” here – but “standard C++” doesn’t come with libraries that talk to graphics / audio / etc. Unreal adds a lot of functionality, also written in C++, that you can re-use so you don’t have to do all of that from scratch.

So, when you fire up the Unreal Editor, it will feel a fair bit like Roblox Studio, and you can stay in the editor, scripting your actors with blueprint, and importing textures/meshes/sounds, building particle systems, and so on.
When you find that there’s some function you don’t have in the editor, but you need it, or if you try to do something too fancy in Blueprints so it’s too slow, then you can add new classes in C++, that you can then use/get to from the editor – essentially extending it, in that way.

This is a little different from Roblox Studio, where both “scripting objects” and “extending the platform” happen in Lua – the Roblox Lua plays essentially the role of Blueprints in Unreal, plus a little bit of what you’d do in C++; the Unreal C++ then opens a new, lower level of access that you don’t have in Roblox at all.

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Unreal Editor is a part of Unreal Engine, right?

Yeah, when people say “Unreal Engine,” they usually mean the combination of the editor and the library and framework that the editor gives you access to. The library itself isn’t very useful without the editor part, because all of the art needs to be prepared by the editor to be useful to the library.

its engine to make the game work with even c++ or the in engine language you will save you can also but your game at epic store when you finish it